The Company considers its employees to be its most valuable asset and undertakes to safeguard, as far as possible, all employees and the public at large, from injury or damage to health arising from any of the operations associated with its business. This undertaking will also include the control of all the relevant issues that could cause harm to the environment such as any substances, emission, products, etc. which cause or have the potential to cause fouling, contamination or destruction to our ground, air or water resources, including the health of our employees.

The Company has a further obligation to protect its physical assets against damage, wastage or loss.

In accordance with this policy, the Company undertakes:

  • to consider all statutory safety legislation as being the minimum standard of precautionary practice;
  • to adopt the aims and practices of the National Occupational Safety Association;
  • to ensure that risk is reduced to a minimum by the implementation of risk control programs designed to protect employees and company property;
  • to ensure that safety and loss prevention takes precedence over expediency.

All employees are directly involved in the achievement of these objectives. They will be advised and assisted by those managers and supervisors who have legal responsibility for ensuring that all problems relating to Health, Safety, Environmental and loss prevention are given the required attention and brought to the notice of management.

Employee obligations is to ensure the achievement of these objectives include:

  • compliance with all risk control measures which may be set out by the employer;
  • taking all reasonable care for their own safety, the safety of others, and the prevention of loss or damage to company property;
  • ensuring that protective clothing and health safety equipment is used as stipulated to provide protection and to guard against injury of health hazard;
  • reporting all unsafe acts or conditions to their Departmental Supervisor, SHE Representative/Manager.

The cooperation of staff at all levels, as a committed team, in carrying out this policy will ensure the safest possible working conditions, thus, minimizing injury and loss.

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